My name is Mark Dzikowski and I call  Calgary, Alberta, Canada  my home and live here with my beautiful wife, daughter and a Polish Lowland Sheepdog.

I often get asked how I started in photography.  I first got interested in taking pictures when I was six or seven years old, going on family multi-week long kayaking and hiking trips in the Polish mountains where I grew up.  My parents owned a Russian made Zenit SLR camera and I dreamed of once owning this fine piece of equipment as it was off limits to me at the time.  I started saving my Zloty and bought my first camera, another Russian marvel, Smiena, a point and shoot.  Once we emigrated, I had bigger things to worry about, like learning foreign languages and trying not to get my ass kicked in school, so, photography took a back seat. Once I graduated University in 1999, I got back into the hobby and bought a Canon Elan 7, a 35mm camera that served me for well over 10 years when I finally went digital in 2009.  I mainly shot E6 (slide positives) with the Elan, so it was a hard for me to switch to digital and lose all the dynamic range of positive film.  I still miss it to this day.  Just no better feeling than developing a roll of Fuji Velvia or Provia after a long trip and being all giddy when the shots you hoped turned out, did.

Today, my main source of photographic content are racing events, wedding and social events and back country exploration by human and motor powered modes of transport.