Desert roads and the Pacific Northwest

At the end of March, we decided to take a few weeks off in between my jobs and see the west coast from the road as we both haven’t done that in a while.  We only took pedal bikes and climbing gear on this trip and while being completely spoiled by traveling in a RV, we enjoyed the life on the road immensely for the two weeks.

Here is a few shots we thought we’d share with all of you.  As always, for easy viewing, click on the first photo and then scroll using the keyboard arrows.

Take care and get out there!  Spring is finally here!! :)

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  1. Carl May 8, 2012 at 7:27 PM #

    Great pictures Mark, but much too small a sampling of what must have been a truly awesome trip. I hope we can see more soon, but I know how busy you must be. Thanks for sharing these.

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